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Little girl and a Tree

Written by Evelyn Shiney, V STD

Once upon a time there was a beautiful village. There were many trees in the village. One night time a little girl and her family was sleeping in a big house. The little girl’s name is Ajitha. Her mother’s name is Meera and her father’s name is John. When she was sleeping, she was dreaming and the dream was about the girl in a dark forest in night time. She was very afraid. There was one tree calling her. She turned and saw that the tree was calling her and she asked “Oh Tree! why are you calling me”. And the tree asked “Oh Ajitha! In your village all are happy?”. “No” said Ajitha and the tree said “They are not feeling happy because all are cutting trees for some purposes. If trees are cut down, rainfall will reduce. So you tell all of your people to not cut the trees and make awareness”. Ajitha told her parents and her village people. All of them made sure that they don’t cut the trees. So, like this we can also make sure that we don’t cut the trees and plant more trees.


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