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About Us

Infant Jesus Matriculation Higher Secondary School, a K-12 school, is located at the niche of Pudupattinam, Kalpakkam, on the sylvan green, salubrious surroundings suitable for congenial teaching and learning process. The school caters to around 1300 children coming from the surrounding villages. 80% of the children studying in the school are from farming and fishing families. 


It was established by Esq. V.P. Dennison in 1995. His lifelong aspiration was to create an educational institution to provide a standard based education to the younger generation of Kalpakkam, Pudupattinam, and its adjoining places. Thus his cherished aim has come into existence with the name of Infant Jesus Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kalpakkam. It is run under the Infant Jesus Educational Trust. Its co-founder is Mrs. Jeya Dennison, a highly talented individual with erudite wisdom and experience. It has been achieving succeeding phenomenal successes in all aspects from its very inception onwards.

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Educated 10000+ children

Over the past 24 years, the school has educated over 10,000 children 

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10+ Awards

The school has been awarded on various fronts such as academical achievement, etc.

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XSEED Curriculum

Innovative XSeed Curriculum is followed till 8 STD to ensure maximum learning

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Empowering 20+ villages

The school is making education accessible to children from over 20 villages


To create socially conscious & empowered individuals who are driven by values

Our vision is to create socially conscious & empowered individuals who are driven by values. While the world is battling with real problems such as increasing social injustice, climate change, and poverty, it is imperative for our education system to develop individuals who are well aware of the problems and are also capable of tackling it. Such individuals can make our world a better place to live. We strive hard to provide holistic education to nurture such well-rounded individuals through the following.

  • Inculcating a positive and safe environment for enabling the children to be self initiators and active participants

  • Making the school be more connected with the outside world to enable better resource sharing, exposure to the children and also to contribute to the betterment of the society

  • Stimulating an environment which is friendly to the teachers in driving and assisting them to empower and strengthen the values of the students

  • By providing facilities such as the library, computer lab, playground, etc., which will empower the children in various facets

  • Harmonizing an ecosystem which facilitates continuous learning for teachers and students from the sources not just confined to the ‘boundaries’ of the school

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