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If I can have a super power!

Written by Praveen R, VIII STD

If I can have a super power, I will wish to be able to study fast or learn things quickly and write the exams well. I will develop our country and I would never do any unwanted activities by this super power. I will make rockets and satellites and I will make that a success and I will do so many things for my country. My super power would be that I can do anything fast like playing, reading, flying, etc.

I will make India proud. I will play cricket and as a fielder, I will fly to catch the ball, and when I hit the ball while batting, it will always be a 6. If I am selected as a prime minister, I would abolish all the rules which are against the small or poor people and the farmers, like improper GST, Kashmir problem etc. I will do spot and heavy punishments for those people who misbehave in their job - like smelting works by Sterlite factory. I would advise strictly that no one should act in any film, if the film can lead the people to bad situations. If and when I get the super power I will arrest the bad leaders and the people who are doing any illegal activities. I will arrest the people in the educational field who are seeing education as a business and calculating education by money i.e., the ones who do not give proper education even if they get more fees. Then I will make a law such that any person can play cricket for India in the International level. I will never give the opportunity for any person to damage others’ life like politicians. I will plant more trees. I will make a factory which will recycle plastic and invent some new machines which will help me to recycle plastic. I will make a coaching centre especially for poor students in remote village area. My wish is to make a trust which helps underprivileged students to better their career options. I will do research about the space and planets. I will also ensure that poverty, corruption, and discrimination are removed.


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