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Fun with Prayogshala

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Written by M. Rakshitha, J. Hajirama, M.B. Jainul Ashifa, M. Kavinila, E. Jasmine Leena, S. Manjula of VII STD

We were very excited to be part of the Prayogshala workshop. In the workshop, we did many creative things like making robotic hand, pen stands, drawing and more. so, we were happy about it. The akkas who conducted the workshop gave all the items and we made lots of objects with them. It was so tough but happy and we all enjoyed it.

Day One:

First day we went to the workshop, we were excited to enter the physics lab but Deepak sir asked us go down to the play ground. The akkas who conducted the workshop introduced themselves in a game to divide the teams. The akkas’ names were Shreya, Koyelia, Bhavya, Suruchi, and Tvara. Then, we entered the physics lab. Initally, we were scared about the workshop. They gave all the things such as sketch, colours, marker, and chart. They asked us to draw creatively about friendship and also, they gave stars to all the groups. We enjoyed the first day very well.

Day Two:

Second day, we were excited to see how much stars we have got in the first day. For the second day, the akkas asked us to do build something creatively. They gave the things such as ice cream sticks, tooth picks, clay, glue gun, and scissors. All the akkas approached and encouraged us. We made pen stand, pubg aeroplane, etc.

Day Three:

In the third day of the workshop, we all made the robotic hand. The akkas gave all the materials. For the first time, we all made the robotic hand. So, we all were very happy and also enjoyed it. Nobody complained. We all were interested to make the hand. The akkas gave materials such as cardboard, straws, glue gun, thread, and scale. We all made the robotic hands but my team only got 3 stars and all other teams got 2 stars. The akkas didn't beat or scold us. Deepak sir also came to the workshop. Sir helped all the students and also encouraged us. We all were very happy.

Day Four:

We were excited on day four because that was the last day. We went to the class and saw the table. There were lots of things such as sketch, crayons, straws etc. One akka started to tell that we can do any things and using those materials. We found it tough because our plan did not work correctly. But, after 3o minutes we all finished and showed our work to all akkas and students. All the students did very creatively, innovatively, and also enjoyed.


We enjoyed the class very much because, we learnt many new things. We all did many things on these days. They also gave certificates to 3 groups which did very well. We all want the workshop again. We miss those akkas very much because they gave many memories for our life and they also gave us lots of fun.


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