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Volleyball and Us

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Written by Richard Tony and Hariraja of VIII STD

I like volleyball since my first standard when I started playing the game. I didn’t play like a professional or anything then but only for fun during the P.E.T class. I got the idea to play volleyball from the time some of my friends were getting trained during our 7th standard. Our P.E.T sir, Mr. Jayavel then called all the boys from 6th to 8th standards to conduct a volleyball match. He did the measurements for the court and also taught us how to make a court in our ground. We were only 6 members in our team then, including me, Ebi Akash, Dinesh, Aburar, Vignesh and Latishwaran. We played very well and won the match. This must be the reason why our P.E.T sir called us in our 7th standard and told us 6 members how he will train us for the zonal meet match. We were shocked at that time when he said this to us, but also very excited on hearing his words. He selected 12 members for the team including us and gave us training day by day. And finally we went for the zonal meet on 20-8-2019. The advice our Jayavel sir gave us on that day was very nice. He said, “Whatever happens play calmly and you will win the match”. On the day of the zonal meet we reached there to find different teams registering to participate including us. The volleyball matches were going very well and our 14 members were practicing on the sides. We saw some other school members watching us practice and seemed like thinking how we are playing to win this match. The juniors volleyball matches started. We played our first match with BKM school, Kelambakkam. We won the match and the referee gave shakehand to us and our P.E.T sir. Our next match was with SFS school team. We got teased by SFS school boys who told us, “We are the winners. You will cry and go back to your school”. But we didn’t think much about those words and played. The match started after that and we won that match also. Now the final match started by the referee tossing a coin. The referee told that we, the Infant Jesus team won the toss. We chose service first and took the ball. Our opponent team which was the Blessings school team won the game in the first round. Our P.E.T sir told us “don’t feel bad”. In the second round we won the game. But in the third round we lost by one point and the Blessings school won the zonal meet. We were appreciated by the winning team and by others. We returned with the determination to practice more and win next time. We got an opportunity to take part in an Interschool Volleyball Tournament again. It was held at Everest Matriculation School, Tambaram. This time, with our hardwork, we managed to become the winners of the tournament. We are now motivated to win more such tournaments in the future.

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