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Tree Plantation 2020

Under the 'Guardians of Nature' initiative, a tree plantation drive was executed by our school students on 27th January 2020. The students and the school management had arranged for an eclectic mix of saplings ranging from shade-giving trees to ground water replenishing ones.

The senior students dug fresh holes for all the saplings and students from 9th to 12th participated in the plantation drive in which saplings were placed along the bank of the lake next to the school. The local sub inspector of police, along with the school correspondent, inaugurated the drive by planting the first sapling. The students planted the rest of the saplings under the guidance of their mentor teachers who were as enthusiastic as their students. The teachers were working with the motto, 'each one, teach one, how to plant one'. The students were very excited about the whole process and were seen taking dibs on who will water which plant and which class will be responsible for which tree and the like.

The initiative aims to sensitize the students, and through them the local community, towards the importance of trees in maintaining the ecological balance and combating climate change.


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