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"Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners" ~ John Holt

In school, we conducted Student Activity to show the talent of IJMHSS bloomer. Students shows their utmost dedication with great confidence. All Primary Bloomer of IJMHSS participated in most of the activity to prove their Talent, Smartness and unique way of creativity to bring best outcomes.

Our Beloved Chief Guest Mr. Vivek Cyril Joseph

Glimpse of Student Led Conference

All the bloomers of class 1 participated in the activity to show their utmost dedication and they were super excited!

R.Yoshva of class 1

Rajas Ahamed of class 1

Students oflass 1

Students of class 2

Students of Class 3

Students of class 4

R.Kevin of class 4

Y. Lithik of class 4

T. Thiroshan of class 4

Students of class 5


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