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Pongalo Pongal 2023

Pongal is a harvest festival, a traditional thanks giving occasion to the nature . Infant Jesus Matriculation Higher Secondary School experienced the euphoria of pongal- The most awaited festival on 12 th Jan itself. The students and staffs actively took part in the celebration.

Pongalo Pongal The event started with the Rangoli competition for the 6 th to 12 th grade children. Each group made Rangoli in the space given , on the theme Pongal. There was a lot of joy and happiness while making colourful Rangoli.

Rangoli On 13 th Jan , the campus was lit up with cheerful faces of the bubbling buds in colourful traditional dresses Pongal was made by cooking rice in an earthen pot at the stage at stove made of bricks followed by Kummi adithal by our beloved staffs . After the Guru Pooja , the Suryabagavan was worshipped to pay respects to the Sun god.

Followed by which the various celebrations and events at the school were designed in a manners to evoke and expose the students inner most talents. The students actively took part in events like dance, silambam, speech and drama and did a magnificent job to make laurels to the pongal celebrations.

Events Finally the celebration ended with the offering of sweet pongal and sugarcane to all the children by our honourable correspondent. The significance of this mega feast was elucidated to the children .

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