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Christmas @Infant Jesus

Christmas is not a time nor of season, but a state of mind. To cherish and good will,to be plenteous in mercy,is to have real spirit of Christmas.

Christmas at IJMHSS is the most wonderful time of the year.

Nothing can rival the sheer joy of the children as they done their Christmas jumpers and belt out a chorus of I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day. It’s a great opportunity for our IJMHSS to see their teachers enjoying all the festive fun, just as they do.

IJMHSS throws everything into our seasonal plays performed by our youngest children. Yet for me, the really magical part of Christmas at IJMHSS is the children’s simple love of giving. Each year we hold our Love in the Box.IJMHSS bloomer shared gifts with eachother to show the love and gratitude!

we celebrated joyous occasion with a song of the almighty who has blessed us with wonderful day. The song was sung by the teacher of IJMHSS

The moment to remember that essence of Christmas at time for kindness,generosity and spreading cheer.

Then the message on Jesus Christ birth was preached by Mrs.Vijayalakshmi

Followed by the message we enjoyed the Christmas Celebration by the enthusiastic performance of our IJMHSS bloomers.

1.Procession (kg to 3rd)

This position is always special event for our school. The parade of the children walking through the ground dress up in a red with a Santa Claus mask is a key part of this Christmas festive and will make its way on December 25th.

Children a laugh in procession as a school broke up for Christmas.The children deserve a very special treat they are creating a magical memories. It is really a emotional to watch date happy faces.This procession commemorates the journey Mary and Joseph made while searching for shelter in Bethlehem before baby Jesus birth.

2. Dance

Dances one of the most divine form of arts it is much more branches moving your hands and legs

3.Skit on Birth of Jesus Christ

Wise men come to see a child of greater wisdom and honor divine.

Behold the virgin shall be with the child and shall be a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel,which means God is with us.

December 25th was the day when our lord,our saviour, Christ was born in Bethlehem.

The students from 6th to 9th performed a skit on birth of Jesus Christ

This day had become so special that made us to spread love , happiness , generosity and prosperity.


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