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Happy Teachers' Day

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Article by Shanmughapriya, XI STD and Sharmila, XII STD

Photos by Kesavan, XI STD

Dr. Radha Krishnan’s birthday is celebrated as teachers’ day on September 5th every year. Our Infant Jesus School celebrated this year’s Teachers’ day in a grand manner. The Teachers’ day was during the Kaveri house week this year. The XII standard and XI standard students were given full in charge to conduct the program

The program started right after the morning prayer session. The main anchors for the ceremony were Swathi from XII-C and Abitha J from XII-A. Firstly, Teachers were welcomed individually by the XII std students with a song dedicated to each teacher. Each teacher received a welcome kit including a handmade card and message by their students as they took their seats near the stage. The Teachers’ introduction was done by Swathi and Divya Lakshmi.

The XII std students conducted different games for the Teachers. For this, the Teachers were split into five groups. The group names were Kurinji, Mullai,Marutham,Neythel and Paallai. The first game conducted was ‘Maathiyosi’. This game is played by not giving the exact answer to the questions asked by the anchor and simultaneously maintaining the dialogue strictly in Tamil for 3 minutes straight. The game was won by Paallai team.

The next game was ‘taxi-taxi’. In this game 4 players will be chosen from each team and they will be given 3 minutes time where in three players have to come up one by one to give clues about a word without saying it directly and the 4th player has to guess the word. The team that is able to guess maximum number of words within the time wins the game. The game was won by ‘Neithal’ team.

The third game was ‘Eat and eat’ where each team sends 2 people and one of them has to pick up ‘Gulab jamuns’, one at a time, with a spoon in their mouth and hands tied at the back and put it in the mouth of the 2nd player who is sitting a little far and they have to eat it fully without dropping. The team that eats the maximum number of Gulab Jamuns wins the game. This game was won by ‘Mullai’ team.

They also conducted another game where 2 people have to balance a paper cup between their foreheads and walk to a distant bench where they had to make a paper cup pyramid starting with 5 cups at the base.

All these games were conducted very nicely by the XII students. And after all the games, it was team ‘Neithal’ who got overall first prize.

During all this while, few other XII and XI standard students were given in-charge as ‘Student Teachers’ and they took responsibility to oversee the smaller students, i.e., from class LKG to 10th.

After the games, lunch was provided at the school premises. Other snacks and ice-cream were also available for students to buy at school. All the XI standard students divided the work amongst themselves to supply the food to the students and teachers as well as taking the responsibility of managing the food waste. They divided the food waste and plates and made sure that they are put into separate dustbins.

After lunch the programs restarted with few dances from 12th, 10th and 8th girls. All of them gave fantastic performances. There was also a special song dedicated to teachers by few 6th standard girls. After the dances a throwball match was held for the female staff and teachers were divided into 2 teams, with Geetha Miss as the captain of team 1 and Latha Miss as the captain of team 2. It was a very interesting match and students enjoyed watching and supporting their teachers. The match was won by the team captained by Geetha Miss. After this ‘Uriadi’ game was conducted for male teachers and Vijayan Sir won the prize in this.

The work done by 12th and 11th students were very appreciable. Starting from September 4, when the 12th girls went around inviting teachers with a handmade invitation card to arranging everything on September 5th they all worked really well, including the 11th standard volunteers.

Our Principal Ma’am gave prizes to the winning teachers. And the vote of thanks was given by Menaka Miss. The function ended with the National Anthem.

The day was very special, and we will never forget it.


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