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Pongal Celebration 2019

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Article by Leelavathy

Pongal is a traditional festival of Hindus to honour the Sun. It is a four day affair. The first day is called as Bhogi. Bhogi is celebrated at the last day of the Margazhi. The second and important day Soorya Pongal, which is held to workship Sun God. The third day is called as mattu Pongal. It is the day in which the cattles are glorified . The cows are bathed and decorated. It is also the day of the farmers. The last day is Kaanum Pongal. In this day, the families are gathered together outdoor and rejoices that day. This day is celebrated as Uzhavar Tirunal in honor of farmers . It is also the day for traditional dances such as kolattam.

On 12th January 2019, we celebrated Pongal festival in our school. For the occasion of Pongal in our school, the students were dressed in colourful sarees and lehenga. Our students were assembled in a colourful manner in front of the stage. Our beloved madam, correspondent and teachers made Sakarai pongal on the stage. The Sakarai Pongal came out sweet well on this occasion. Then it was distributed to teachers and children. After the Sakarai Pongal preparing ceremony there were various programs by the students regarding Pongal. All the talents of our students came out on the occasion of Pongal in our school this year. All talented students in our school expressed themselves through various traditional dances like folk, classical, bhartnatyam and so on .

All the students from LKG to 12th expressed their dance talents. And they also performed our traditional silambattam and thappattam. The celebration was held the whole day with lots of joy and happiness in all our students face and heart. The pongal celebration came to an end with a vote of thanks by one of our teachers. This year 2019, Pongal was surrounded with joy and happiness with a hope to open the new year 2019. It gave nice and inspirational thoughts about farmers as well as agriculture. The celebration of Pongal 2019 came out well because of our teachers instructed, taught, trained, arranged, and composed the events with a great care .Also, the students who performed, expressed themselves in their performance well. From the beginning to the end, the ceremony was continued with same energy.

I like to end my article with following beautiful words. Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain because most of life's greatest lesson are learned through pain. Believe that everything is possible and start each day with goal.

Written by

Leelavathy, Class of 2019

Photos by

Sathish, Class of 2020

Yuvashree, Class of 2020


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