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Let's talk about Periods

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Written by Sanjana T P, XI STD

‘Let’s talk about Periods’ is a four day intensive workshop conducted by The Period Fellows Akalya Karunanidhi and Sarumathi from Sukhibhava Foundation. The workshop was about periods and it was conducted for all the girls from Classes 6 to 12. All the students who attended the workshop found it to be extremely helpful. Their moto is to spread the awareness about periods in the restricted villages, school students, communities, etc.

They want to eradicate the stigma around the word ‘periods’. They want people to talk about periods freely. Periods is not just a word but it is the bond between a mother and child. Women should feel free during their periods.

They taught us the importance of periods and the working of our body. They also made us be informed about the products such as sanitary napkins, menstrual cup, cloth, etc., that are needed during periods. They told us about their advantages and disadvantages as well. They told us the best practices that should be maintained during periods and explained us why.

They inspired us by their way of explanations.

They shared lots of stories and information related to periods and also the do’s and don’ts involved. They spoke about the intake of foods during periods. They made us realize that a woman has more power so one shouldn’t ever restrict her.

We thank our school for this opportunity in helping us know about the power of women.

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