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A Visit to Solid Waste Management Plant

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Students of classes VI STD-A and X STD-C were taken to a solid waste management plant situated at Mahabalipuram as a reward for their efforts in managing waste inside our school campus. The solid waste management plant is managed by a NGO called Hand-in-hand who are doing an amazing work in managing the waste of Mahabalipuram.

Our students have been doing an excellent work in managing waste in our school. A scoreboard is being maintained for monitoring the efforts of the children in creating a clean environment. Every week classes are provided with marks based on their efforts in keeping their classrooms clean, segregating waste inside their classrooms and also making their classrooms aesthetically appealing. For the first quarter of the year, classes VI STD-A and X STD-C topped the table for their exuberant efforts. In order to appreciate their efforts, they were taken to the solid waste management plant where they were shown and taught about the different techniques of managing waste.

Special thanks to Mr. Kannadasan and Mr. Giri from Hand-in-hand for kindly accepting us into their space and imbibing us with immense knowledge on waste management. They were also pivotal in guiding us in the implementation of waste management in our school.

Here are some photos from the visit:

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