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Tests and examinations enable assessment of the knowledge or skills of a student in a subject or an activity and they are more focused to assess to acknowledge levels of expected knowledge or skills.

Competitions, on the other hand, are more focused on the expectations as to how extraordinarily the students can perform. Rather the competitions are aimed at bringing out the exciting possibilities of students knowledge or skills. To boost up the students, we encouraged our students to participate in some of the activities as follows.


Merit holders of Infant Jesus Matriculation Higher Secondary School with a combination of hard work, dedication and passion of learning lead to their personal growth and success.

Academic excellence isn’t just about having good grades also reveals the hard work effect, love towards learning persistent methodology of undertaken learning by a child.


An attempt to promote speaking skills, in terms of pronunciation, delivery, and voice modulation and to develop language skills in its spoken form.

The competition at school level gives students a good opportunity to combat with the biggest fear factor i.e., stage fear and to develop confidence and public speaking skills.

The participants performed exceptionally well, winning accolades for their performance. It was heartwarming to see almost all the participants spoke beautifully eloquently.


Thirukkural helps to reform ones character and it’s the best tool to know the goodness of all topics. The greatness lies in poet’s ability to convey a world of moral value precisely in two lines.

To impact it to the students, Thirukkural Recitation competition was held where participants learnt and recited kural according to the age specification given with their energetic and competitive vibes. All were risk takers and exhibited the eagerness of participation which was amazing.


“The pen is mightier than sword”.

Essay writing is a very sensitive form of self-expression. It is a harmonious blending of ‘thought’ and ‘expression’. It is considered to be the most effective writing which encourages and enhances critical thinking and helps the students in organizing thoughts and improve communication skills. To express their world of imagination, an essay writing competition was organized. The competition aims to give the students an opportunity to voice their ideas on different topics.


To develop interest in Mathematics and to make the learning of multiplication table more interesting and easier, Table Recitation Competition was held this year IJMHSS.

The competition is ideal for reinforcing the children’s knowledge of their multiplication tables. It also makes the children well motivated and eager to remember their tables.


“Every child is an artist”.

To explore the creative potential in the young minds of our children, drawing competition was conducted with the theme “World Peace”.

The children showcased their creative skills in drawing and coloring and the result was amazing art work.

This fun filled activity witnessed an enthusiastic participation by all students.


Competition in Abacus based mental calculations are the high end tests exposing the children to seemingly toughest tasks in calculation concentration is a single minded attention focused totally on the very limited sphere of activity which only brings out positive results. The students of classes I to VII took active participant and solved the problems assigned to them within the given time.


Knowledge is an external sea with unfathomable depths, where the only limit for reaching the very bottom of it is you.

The children of class IV to IX took part in Quiz competition a fun and effective way to ensure that kids actively participate to attain maximum knowledge. We conducted the competition to build confidence in children and educate them about the future prospects.


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