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Our Goals

  • Motherly Approach with concern.

  • Creche -Day care centre.

  • Montessori Teaching: We have more specialized educational materials to suit the inceptional learning of our young buds which can instigate them to become independent thinkers and achievers of life.

  • We have Kids Play Center with multi-tiered soft play materials.

  • We have Individual Computer Facilities to enable each child to be competent in computer application skills.

  • We have individual Laboratory facilities for Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

  • We have Abacus Training to enrich the Arithmetic Skills of our students in an easier way.

  • We have well equipped facilities to care for the sick or injured with the aid of foster parent.

  • We have Air Conditioned class rooms.

  • We have special coaching classes for the weak students to make them competent.

  • We have a team of special Communicative English  Professional Trainers to train up our students to be proficient in their English communication skill.

  • We have Smart Class Rooms which make the learning process not boring but pouring of wit and wisdom.

  • We have e-learning platform designed based on the internet age to kindle their tender mind.

  • We have Digital Board facilities for the Primary Kids.

  • We have specialized programmes: Yoga, Chess, Music, Dance, Creative Arts and Science, Drawing and Paintings.

  • We have all sports facilities such as Indoor, Outdoor, Multi-play Stations, Martial Art, special play yards etc to develop mental and physical skills of our students.

  • We create ideal citizens.

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