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Education is the movement from darkness to light

Allan Bloom

Our school caters to the educational needs of the children from the surrounding villages. 80% of our students are from low-income families belonging to either farming or fishing backgrounds. Education acts as a huge gateway for their upliftment. We strive to serve children from varied financial backgrounds by having a differential fees structure where each parent pay their child’s fee according to their financial capacity (Link to the Fee structure). Despite the financial burdens, various initiatives such as XSeed curriculum, NEET coaching, etc., have been incorporated in every day learning of the children.

What do we do?

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Differential Fee Structure

In order to ensure social equity, we collect only a nominal fee fixed based on the family's financial standing

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Maximum Inclusion

More than 90% of the children studying in our receive a financial aid in one way or another from the school itself

How can you help us?

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Contribute monthly for the education of ​a child

You can join us in lighting the life of our children by contributing as little as Rs. 500 per month. Each contributor will be linked to a child from a low-income background anonymously and their contributions will be used for the educational needs of the particular child. Alternatively, you can also contribute by spending your time with our children by conducting workshops. Please join us in our mission to light the lives of our children.

Ready to Light-A-Life?

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