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75th Independence Day Celebration -2022 @IJMHSS

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

75 years of Pride | 75 years of Strength | 75 years of Freedom

Here is a glimpse of Our school celebrating 75 Years of Independence with a bite of Happiness!

With the blowing winds from the four corners of the heaven. With the vibes of liberty and freedom. With a strong determination to bring about a positive change. Here in our school, we stood together to commemorate 76th Independence Day of our nation, on a very special and momentous day in the history of India. Undoubtedly that is the day that every Indian feels proud on that day, we got freedom from the British chains after 200 years of slavery.

Welcoming Our Honourable Chief Guest

Our Honorable Chief Guests were Mr. Vengadesan, Inspector of Police, Kalpakkam and Mr. Hussainuthin , Sub Inspector of Police, Kalpakkam. Correspondent sir Mr. V. P.Dennison and Respected Principal madam Mrs . Jeya Dennison and they were escorted by one of our best cadets Miss. Manju Keerthana. We feel blessed with their presence for devoting their time to be with us.

Welcome Address

The Chief guests were welcomed by our Respected Vice Principal Mrs. Jessy Rejimone.

And Honorable Chief guest were welcomed with shawl, and He gave a short speech that made a great day for us! Also, we felt happy with great pleasure to welcome our Respected Correspondent sir, Respected Principal madam, Vice Principal madam, Beloved Teachers, Dearest Students and each and everyone who gathered here to witness that wonderful event called Independence Day.

Honorable Chief Guests

Prayer - An address to God

A day without prayer is a day without blessing, and a life without prayer is a life without power." - EDWIN HARVEY

As we all are aware that we start every event and all occasion with prayer. Prayer means a purification of one’s soul. It helps us to achieve our goals and dreams. Our choir group, started this auspicious day with beautiful prayer and created a heavenly atmosphere.

Followed by Tamil Thai Vazhthu which is an invocation sung in praise of Mother Tamil.


Flag Hoisting

Here is the time to hoist the National Flag

Let’s feel one with our Mother Nation, that we be united with one spirit of love that unites us as sons and daughters of one mother as we pay homage to our national flag. Our Honorable Chief Guest was called upon to hoist the National flag to mark the occasion, it’s symbol of our National pride and identity. Our Beloved Correspondent sir and Principal madam accompanied our honorable Chief guest and Mrs. Logeshwari, School Pupil Leader received them by saluting.

Flag Hoisting

Flag Song

The Indian Flag serves as a National treasure and adds to the beauty of the country. Our National Flag has three colours and Wheel in the center. The top Saffron color of the flag denotes the strength and courage. The middle White color stands for peace and truth. The bottom Green color indicates growth and prosperity. There is a Navy blue Wheel in the center having 24 equal spokes, that is Ashok Chakra. Flag Song was followed by pledge.

Flag song

Parade by bloomers of IJMHSS

Marchpast is all about synchronization and teamwork. Marching in a contingent demands alertness and an unspoken coordination. The drumbeat rolls the band strikes up and a high-pitched voice issue a command. The synchronized swing of arms and the sound of thudding feet stir something within us. Besides being spectacular, there is something inexplicably inspiring about a marchpast is the sense of dignity and pride the students bring to it.

What could be more wonderful than Children representing our cherished culture?

Tiny tots and young champs of LKG, UKG, Class 1 & Class 2 marched magnificently.

They remind us of our Freedom fighters and the importance of the day. Apart from spreading the spirit of the day, these little developing future citizens are going to work together as a team.

Kids of IJMHSS

Each class was represented by Bharat Mata, Flag holder and a Class name board holder. All were wearing a White cap that symbolizes purity and innocent.

First, LKG kids marched magnificently led by Nakshathra Sri as Barath Mata, Flag holder Sakshitha and the Class name board holder Dhashwin Ram.

Little hearts of LkG

Followed by the adorable marching of UKG kids led by Bhuvaneshwari as Bharath Mata, Mrithika Flag holder and the Class name board holder Nithika Sri.

Little hearts of UKG

Then class 1 is marching majestically led by Madhumitha as Bharath Mata, Thanshika Flag holder and a Class name board holder Rizaz Ahamed.

Bloomers of class 1

Finally Gracious March of Class 2 students that’s led by Praise as Barath Mata, Flag holder Janathika and Class name board holder Madhan Karthick.

Bloomers of class 2

Parade by Senior Super kiddos of IJMHSS

A well-coordinated Marchpast is a feast to the eyes and ears, when coupled with some stirring marching music. Miss Manju Keerthana, is an excellent athlete, Winner of 100 m Super senior guided the entire parade of the students bearing White flag behind her. Followed by each house represented by a Captain and a Vice- Captain.

Cauvery house wearing orange cap symbolizes joy, warmth, heat creativity, freedom, led by Captain Master Jeevath Suman of Std XII bearing the Orange flag is an excellent player of District level Handball winner, has a good team spirit and the Vice- Captain Miss Aysha Farhath of Std XII proves excellency in Academic records.

Cauvery House

Then the adorable marching of Godavari house wearing Blue cap symbolizes peace, tranquility, stability and loyalty led by Captain Master Praveen of Std XII bearing the Blue flag is an excellent District level Handball player, is a team captain, and the Vice- Captain Miss Irfana of Std XII is a renowned athlete and 100 m winner.

Godavari House

Ganga house marched majestically wearing White cap symbolizes passion, sincerity, power and strength is led by Captain Master Sujith Kumar of Std XII bearing the Red flag is a School level Kabaddi player and the Vice- Captain Miss Rajashri of Std XII is a Mallak amba State level player.

Ganga House

Atlast Gracious March of Yamuna house, wearing Green cap symbolizes, nature, renewal, generosity and fertility led by Captain Master Arun Kumar of Std XII bearing the Green flag is a Zonal level Kabaddi player and the Vice- Captain Miss Logeshwari of Std XII is a School Pupil Leader, is an excellent student of the Academic, well-mannered person.

Yamuna House

Oath taking

Oath will encourage fidelity to the extent that continues to believe that one cannot escape ultimate accountability for a breach of faith.

All the house Captains took Oath. OfCourse, they led the privileged moment for all of us to witness this auspicious day of this movement of oath taking.

Oath Taking

Drill Performance

The students from class VI to IX with great enthusiasm performed various drill.

Mass Drill

Balloon Drill

Cheer up Drill

Chop stick Drill.

Map Formation

Students made formation of a map of India inside the school premises.

Map Formation


The senior students of IJMHSS performed various formation with excellent teamwork. It shows the unity and strength of our nation

Superheroes of IJMHSS

Flow of Events

Various events like dancing, singing, speeches were performed by the students of class LKG to class 12. It was really an extraordinary performance which was a big treat. Everyone performed fully to make this event a grand success.




Extra- Curricular Activities

Fancy Dress - Little Leaders of IJMHSS



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